Fourth of July in a Pandemic

I've never met a holiday I didn't love, but Fourth of July has a permanent place at the top of the list. When life was normal, celebrations started the night before at my city's 3rd of July firework show (smart, if you ask me... double the fun + no other events to compete for your attention), and then all the usual tricks on the fourth. A parade, some kind of body of water, watermelon, a grill, and our own firework show in the driveway. The day is 3289546 hours long and I soak up every minute. 
This year, though, without a parade and pools closed, we're on the hook to make our own fun from sun up to sun down. And since subtle isn't a word in my vocabulary, we're pulling out all the stops. 
pops | sparklers | balloons | straws | table cloth 

We've started planning weeks ago - the group text is going strong with our itinerary and assignments for meals, the group firework fund, and THE MOST EXCITING EVENT: our very own parade! The adults ARE the parade and the kids are the candy catchers. We're decorating cars, throwing candy.... everything just short of learning to play every.single.instrument in a marching band and custom fitting ourselves in matching polyester uniforms. I'm not that crazy. 
I've partnered with eBay to find all my supplies in one place. It's been the best one-stop-online-shop for every thing on my wish list.

Party supplies? Check.
Candy? Check.
Sparklers and pops? Check check.
Plates, straws, and flatware? Check check check.

There wasn't a single thing I searched for that didn't come up with options on end. And even better, I'm supporting the small businesses who have taken advantage of their Up and Running program to keep business chugging while brick and mortar life is in flux. It's easier than ever to shop small, down to the wall art and the clear plastic bags for our candy. The Up and Running Program gives shoppers and opportunity to support small businesses without leaving home, and gives small business owners a leg up with a free store front and no selling fees for a time. 

The best part of the parade is the candy - and we're throwing the cheap stuff!

gumballs | gummies | taffy | poly bags | baker's twine

And the balloons! I'm putting my Class of '99 spirit week skills to work with a balloon arch for our parade.  I couldn't help get a practice round in. It was 21 years ago... 

balloons | helium tank
For those interested in a how-to, attach your string - plain ol' curling ribbon will do just fine -  to something secure on one end. Using a helium tank (and Hi-Float if you want it to last a while), fill two balloons, but don't tie the ends in knots individually. You're going to wrap the ends of the two balloons around each other once, and then include the curling ribbon in between the balloons before tying the knot. You'll repeat with the next set of balloons. With the first set of balloons heading east and west, the second set are positioned north and south. It happens naturally, as the balloons are pulled up on the string, close to the previous set. They sit off-set from each other and you repeat, as many times over as you need to fill your space. There are approx 44 balloons on the practice arch I made - perfect size for decorating my car for the parade!

The face of a student council has-been who's never been prouder. 

A few other sweet things to make the day extra sweet:
Have you seen the red white and blue sour patch kids?
Everyone needs an American Flag!
Artwork! It's fitting all year long, but even sweeter as we celebrate our freedom.
Yard Games! Kubb, lawn bowling, and ladder golf

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aubry bennion
aubry bennion


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