Baker's Twine

My most frequently asked question is "what do you recommend I use to string my felt balls?" and my answer is always baker's twine! The size, texture, and simple charm makes it the ideal material for stringing your felt balls into a garland.

Available in striped and solid varieties, this twine is 100% cotton, 4-ply, and available in 20 yard cards, giving you enough to create the felt balls project of your dreams and a little extra for the just-in-case moments.
Cherry Solid
Cherry and Raspberry Stripe
Cherry Stripe
Raspberry Solid
Raspberry Stripe
Pink Solid
Pink Stripe
Orange Solid
Orange Stripe
Yellow Solid
Yellow Stripe
Grass Solid
Grass Stripe
Teal Solid
Teal Stripe
Sky Blue Solid
Sky Blue Stripe
Ink Solid
Ink Stripe
Violet Solid
Violet Stripe
Grey Stripe
Black Solid
Black Stripe
Air Mail (Red/White/Blue)

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