weekend guest room refresh!

because my house is relatively small (1,250 square feet!), everything has to have a place and there's not much room for extra. but! i love so many things! my neighbor called me an "opportunity shopper" - which, i'll be adding to the top of my personal resume, thanks. 

my guest room has become the landing place for all the things i don't need rightthisminute... but it's been a lot of minutes, so it was due for deep clean and refresh.

functionally, all the pieces were there, but nothing fit just right. i upgraded the bed from a full to a queen a while ago, which made just a little too tight of a squeeze to access everything in storage. i purged and i prayed over what NEEDED to stay, knowing it was going to be whittled down to what i could fit into three shallow bookcases from walmart. since this was a blitz of weekend project, i knew i could count on walmart home to have all the supplies i needed in stock and available at my fingertips. what i've come to appreciate about walmart is that they've got the functional and decor items covered. it's form AND function which is what my house has to be about because it's so small. 

featured: wall frames | white book cases | storage baskets | metal bed frame | glass jars | white blanket 

95% of the time this room belongs to me but when the guests come to town, i want it to be a comfortable place to stay. the clean white linens serve as a much-needed calm foundation to an otherwise noisy room. 


featured: quilted sham | cotton blanket

in a real life vs. instagram moment... the guest room is also the room where the really functional things live. after five years with the internet-worthy vacuum stick, i kicked it to the curb for the trustiest, tried and true push vacuum. i bought mine at walmart about six months ago and i.am.never.going.back! it was also a an impulse buy after a frustrated saturday chore day and i've never been so happy to vacuum my house! (p.s. if you haven't heard of slow vacuuming, it's exactly what it sounds like. push and pull the vacuum, but be sure to go slow, and you'll be shocked by what comes up when you take a little extra time!)

featured: vacuum | box spring cover

i'm happy to report i put the finishing touches on the guest room on sunday afternoon. hung a few frames to finish the gallery wall, tucked those hospital corners on the bed, and organized the ribbon supply for the next emergency party. and now i'm ready for my next round of guests!


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aubry bennion
aubry bennion


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