Waffles for Breakfast

My dad and nephews came into town last weekend - something we've all been looking forward to for a long time! My brother and sister in law work quite a bit and the boys were bursting at the seams for a change of scenery. As the only girl, sandwiched between four brothers, I don't have to fight for my title as Favorite Aunt - but still... teenage boys are hard to impress, so I pulled out all the stops to make sure they had something good to report about their trip.

Before they came, I asked my sister in law and mom about their favorite snacks and drinks and meals - I knew Walmart would truly be a one-stop-shop for the weekend for food and extra kitchen gear. This single-woman household doesn't always have five of everything when it comes to my kitchen supplies! As expected, I got carried away in the home department and stocked up on cups, dishes, serving spoons, tablecloths, etc. because the store had such a great supply of dishes and homeware that was right up my alley. In my house, red is a neutral, and if you know me, you know I'm committed to wearing/using/displaying any combo of red/white/blue every day, in as may ways as possible, through June and July and Walmart Home had my back.

I spoiled them with a hot breakfast every morning and Mason, the ten year old, discovered a new love for helping in the kitchen. I heard the boys love toaster waffles, so I wanted to show them how much better a fresh, homemade waffle could be than the frozen ones. I TRIPLED this waffle recipe (it's a keeper) for the hungry boys. While I was in the market of outdoing myself, I set the table, complete with a tablecloth and candles. Teenage boys could eat off a paper plate in the living room, but I wanted them to know they deserved nice things, too. 

They could drink orange juice by the gallon, so the extra tall juice glasses were a welcomed addition to the table. And these plates were sized to fit waffles-to-feed-a-growing-teenage-boy helpings, three times over. 

They requested fresh fruit with every meal, which makes me think their parents are doing something right! I was happy to oblige and they were even willing to work in the kitchen to make sure there was plenty to go around. 

And my hero dad, who knew it was a photo worthy moment and offered to capture it with the big camera. 

This post is sponsored by Walmart. I have accepted compensation in exchange for this post.  

Everything on the table is available at Walmart and can be shopped right here: 

aubry bennion
aubry bennion


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