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i made it 38 years without hosting trick or treaters at my house... until last year... when only three trick or treaters knocked on my door. turns out, the neighbor kids scored big at the trunk or treat two weeks prior. 
i wasn't going to make the same mistake this year, so i signed up to be a stop along the neighborhood walking trunk or treat. i happen to think i live in the sweetest neighborhood on earth and i'm always sure to i'm working to pull my weight to keep it sweet! except, i've never trunk or treated... and pinterest wasn't serving up very many cute ideas! i kept thinking "i can do better than this!" 
armed with an inspiration image from a meri meri shoot, i marched myself to walmart to bring my vision to life. i can always count on walmart to have everything i need, no matter how wild my ideas. they're never fully formed when i pull into the parking lot, but i wander the aisles and they comes together. walmart home is quickly becoming my favorite resource for the most accessible, high quality products for my home. 
okay! here's how my spooky eyeball trunk came together! 
electric balloon pump
crepe paper streamers
party plates
curling ribbon
command strips
i used every round object around the kitchen to make the eyeballs. the colorful party plates came in really great colors and were super affordable, so i opted to use those instead of basic cardstock. 
i traced the paper plates (bigger) out of things like cereal bowls and dessert plates, while the black cardstock (smaller) came from drinking glasses and candle jars. i simply tapes them together with tape circles. if they were designed for anything more permanent, i would have used a glue stick or a hot glue gun.
i blew balloons of varying size/fullness while in my kitchen, connected to a power supply, but it would have been a bit smoother had i not had to transport 50 loose balloons from the house to the car :) 
i put my high school student body officer skills to work (again) to make an old school balloon arch. i tie two balloons to each other, ensuring the curling ribbon gets roped into the tie. each duo gets tied opposite of the set before it, making a tight, full string of balloons. using varying sizes of balloons keeps things from looking less like a used car lot and more like a party. 
install had to happen in place so i didn't lose balloons along the way. i wasn't sure exactly where and how the balloon arch would best fit in my open trunk, so i came armed with an arsenal of supplies just to be safe. i used command strips to attach the balloon arch to my car. add in a little streamer and lots and lots of tape circles to attach the eyeballs and it's done! i filled my trunk with extra balloons (that came spilling out all night long!) to keep the trunk looking full. not every balloon had an eyeball attached, but lots did!
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aubry bennion
aubry bennion


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