workshop season!

we hit the road this summer and brought the wreaths + garlands to our friends and customers who we might not otherwise meet. if i had to name one favorite thing about being a business owner or being a part of the small shop market, it's - hands down - meeting my kind customers! it's such a treat putting names to faces and getting to know so many new friends. after hearing from a few friends that they had some felt balls stashed away at home that they never got around to stringing, i knew workshops were the answer... why not create a social occasion for making and friending?!
long time friend kylee from roolee opened her doors and welcomed us with open arms. her crew also decked the place from floor to ceiling with felt balls and roolee-worthy decor. 
with a few of these workshops under my belt by now, i've learned a thing or two about how to best be prepared:
1. bring extra felt balls.
2. in all the colorways.
3. bring a lot of them.
once the hustle of set up is under control and the workshop really gets going, i get to sit back and see what other people do with their colorways. i grow so accustom to the way i set the patterns + order of each colorway so long ago, it's so refreshing to get someone else's eyes on the colors! 
it's also so interesting to see how much more, better organized my customers are than i am when it comes to stringing garlands! maybe i lost that luxury a long time ago when i chose to make a business out of craft + party supplies... but check this out!!
i was a little bit hesitant to group the wreath makers with the garland makers because the wreaths take SO much longer to make than the garlands do to string, but it turns out, they take the same amount of time when there are friends to talk to!
and can you even handle the mother/daughter craft dates?! i love that hello maypole is a thing that can bring mothers + daughters together. 
and swooping in at the 11th hour, mckenzie from citrus pear reached out and asked if she could cater the night. what!? i thought it was for sure a great big trick! too good to be true! if you know me, you know i'm weak for a hot, home cooked meal... cooked by someone other than me! :) citrus pear DID NOT disappoint! she also offered to give away a ten-meal prep session to one of our workshop attendees, which got the ball rolling with giveaways from hello maypole and roolee, too! 
we don't have any plans to slow the workshop game anytime soon. we're aiming for boise, st. george, and more in salt lake!

aubry bennion
aubry bennion


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November 13, 2020

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


September 28, 2017

Yes, please come to St. George!

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